Window display for Clé de Peau Beauté

Here we were asked to showcase the brand’s 2016 Holiday Collection called “Les Années Folles”. We proposed a complex window display concept, which required development of a decorative, tangible structure with matching video content. The original idea of a large 2,5 by 2 m vertical LED display has shifted towards a more convenient horizontal format. The look and feel of an Art Deco beauty range inspired us to use splendorous gold ornaments and cabaret elements in the video.

ClientShiseidoServicesMotion design, 3d animationYear2016TeamOla Maister, Ilya Suvorkin, Andrey Doronin, Igor Kalugin, Victor Fomenko, Vladimir Sannikov, Artem Gvozdnenkov, Valentin Nacu

Privacy Preference Center